As a Torque user, you have a ton of great resources available to help you learn the technology!
There are three primary locations to get detailed documentation and tutorials:

Each engine has its own community page which will be updated with new documentation, links, and news. To get started, click on one of the icons found below to view its page. From there, you can get documentation and tutorials specific to your engine. We've also included a section dedicated to documentation for artists. On each community page you will find a range of docs and tutorials: from official GG docs, to TDN articles, and even submission from community members like yourself.

Torque 3D Torque 2D Torque X Artists

The Torque Developer Network is a vibrant, community-oriented online documentation site for GarageGames technologies. There are more and more tutorials and references being created online every month at TDN, so be sure to bookmark that page and check back often! Already, there are over 500 pages of information available online at TDN. Start at your own pace, and use TDN as a way to answer questions and learn more as you go along.

Remember, TDN is completely free. All you need to gain access is a GarageGames account. If you do not have a GG account yet, click here to sign up.

Whenever a Torque engine is a released, a download for the SDK (Software Development Kit) will be provided to the community. On top of getting the engine, code, and assets you receive when you download and install the SDK, you will receive offline documentation to browse. These docs contain the most up-to-date information about the current version of the engine. While the format of documentation can vary from engine to engine, the information is invaluable no matter what you are using.