This document will explain the source code folders and files that make up Torque 3D's lighting system. If you have not done so already, make sure you read the following docs first:

The Lighting Core

You can find the core Lighting files in engine/lighting. Most of the classes in these files will be derivatives of more sophisticated types. For example, the class LightManager from engine/lighting/lightManager.h is the derivative of AdvancedLightManager from engine/lighting/advanced/advancedLightManager.h.

Key Classes

Basic Lighting

The basic lighting system that is created in Torque3D requires at least Shader Model 1.0. Much like the advanced lighting code, the basic lighting system is an override of already created classes from the lighting core (engine/lighting) that resides in engine/lighting/basic.

Key Classes

Advanced Lighting

Torque3D takes advantage of Shader Model 3.0 to allow advanced lighting technqiues. The source code in engine/lighting/advanced is an override of already created classes from the lighting core (engine/lighting) to implement these techniques.

Key Classes

Common Lighting Classes

Common is a place where classes that do not particularly fit in one designated area, such as advanced or lighting. The are not considered core classes of the lighting system either. In here you will find classes that will be used to assist in implementing features for the lighting system.

Key Classes

Shadow Maps

There are a wide range of shadow maps available in Torque3D, such as the Paraboloid Shadow Map. This folder contains a common base class for many shadow maps to override (LightShadowMap) and also an override of the ShadowManager class from the lighing core folder that is named "ShadowMapManager".

Key Classes