This project will cover the list control, how to add, remove and insert items in to the list. We will make an interactive demo showing how and where to put the scripts for this project to function. Find out how to make selections, multi-selections and display the results.

Suggested Reading:

Covered in this tutorial:

  • Introduce the List Control
  • Single and multi-selection
  • How to populate your list
  • Adding an Item
  • Removing an Item
  • Inserting an Item

Setting Up

Open your tutorial project and start the GUI Editor. Create a new Gui called testList using the GUI Class type GuiControl. From the controls library add a GuiWindowCtrl to the editor work space. Resize so as to fit a few buttons and a list similar to the above image.

GuiWindow property text: My List

Now we are ready to add our controls to the new window.

Adding Controls

STEP 1: First we will add our buttons to the window. Select the GuiWindowCtrl control and add a GuiButtonCtrl from the library. Reduce its width a little, then copy / paste another 6 copies and move them so that you have something similar to the following image.

Hint: GuiButtonCtrl is located in the Library > Buttons category.


Remember to use the toolbar align tools to help keep you GUI layout uniform and neat.

HINT: You may want to turn on Toggle Center Smart Snapping from the tool bar to help align the controls.


STEP 2: Next we need to set the button properties;

button 1 property text: Populate

button 2 property text: Show Selection

button 3 property text: Add

button 4 property text: Remove

button 5 property text: Insert

button 6 property text: Clear List

button 7 property text: Select Multi

Save your new GUI to game/art/gui as testList.gui

STEP 3: Next we need to add 2 GuiPanelCtrl controls and a few GuiTextCtrl controls. Set new controls' properties as follows:

text 1 property text: Item Selected

text 2 property text: Item Text

text 3 property text: 00

text 3 property name: lblItemSelected

text 4 property text: 00

text 4 property name: lblItemText

text 5 property text: Multi Selected

How it looks so far:


Remember to save often.

STEP 4: Now to add the last few controls. From the Library, create a GuiScrollCtrl and place it in the center space. Add another GuiTextCtrl, a GuiTextEditCtrl under the item Text section and a GuiMLTextCtrl under the Multi Selected text.



GuiTextCtrl property text: Enter

GuiTextEditCtrl property name: txtEnter

GuiMLTextCtrl property name: lblMLSelected

STEP 5: Select the GuiScrollCtrl so that it is highlighted and add a GuiListBoxCtrl to the scroll control, this scroll control must become the container for the List box.

GuiListBoxCtrl property name: lstTestList

That takes care of all our controls. Save your GUI and close down the project. Time to get into some script.

Adding Functionality

STEP 1: Create a new script file in game/scripts/gui and name it testList.cs and open it in your favorite script editor.

NOTE: The list control is indexed from 0 for the first entry.

The list control exposes a few methods for us to use in populating and controlling list content. We are going to use the following:

GuiListBoxCtrl.addItem( itemContent )

GuiListBoxCtrl.deleteItem( itemNumber )

GuiListBoxCtrl.insertItem( itemContent, itemNumber )

GuiListBoxCtrl.getItemText( itemNumber )





Copy the following script to your new testList.cs:

function testList::addItem()

//Insert An Item at the selection
function testList::insertItem()

//Remove a selected Item  
function testList::removeItem()

//Fill list with content
function testList::populate()
   for(%i = 0;%i < 10;%i++)
      lstTestList.addItem( "Option " @%i);

//show selected content
function testList::getSelectedContent()
  %item = lstTestList.getSelectedItem();
   lblItemSelected.setValue(%item );
   lblItemText.setValue(lstTestList.getItemText(%item ));

//Clear the list of items
function testList::clearList()

//Display multiselected items
function testList::multiSelect()
   //number of selected items
  %count = lstTestList.getSelCount();
   //returns a space delimited list of all the selected items indexes in the list
  %options = lstTestList.getSelectedItems();
   // parse selected items list
   for(%item = 0;%item <%count;%item++) 
     %option = getWord(%options,%item);
     %t =  lstTestList.getItemText(%option);
     %text =%text @%t @ "\n";
      lblMLSelected.setValue(%text );

STEP 2: Next we need to add our new script to the engine, open the game/scripts/client/init.cs and add the following under the section named // Execute the GUI scripts and functions:


We also need to add our gui to this file. Under // Load up the shell GUIs add the following:


Save of your files and run your project. Open the testList GUI once again.

Scripting Hooks

For the final part of this tutorial we need to add the ability to call our new functions from the respective buttons. Set the buttons properties as follows:

button "Populate" property Command: testList.populate();

button "Show Selection" property Command: testList.getSelectedContent();

button "Add" property Command: testList.addItem();

button "Remove" property Command: testList.removeItem();

button "Insert" property Command: testList.insertItem();

button "Clear List" property Command: testList.clearList();

button "Select Multi" property Command: testList.multiSelect();

Remember to save your GUI. Preview your GUI and try out the buttons, enter some text into the text edit box and try add, insert etc. To multi-select hold down shift while selecting list items, then press the Select Multi button.


In this tutorial, you learned the following concepts:

  • Introduce the List Control
  • Single and multi-selection
  • How to populate your list
  • Adding an Item
  • Removing an Item
  • Inserting an Item

In the next tutorial we will create an advanced graphical representation of a GUI.