Detailed Description

A simple proximity mine.

Proximity mines can be deployed using the world editor or thrown by an in-game object. Once armed, any Player or Vehicle object that moves within the mine's trigger area will cause it to explode.

Internally, the ProximityMine object transitions through the following states:

  1. Thrown: Mine has been thrown, but has not yet attached to a surface
  2. Deployed: Mine has attached to a surface but is not yet armed. Start playing the armingSound and armed sequence.
  3. Armed: Mine is armed and will trigger if a Vehicle or Player object moves within the trigger area.
  4. Triggered: Mine has been triggered and will explode soon. Invoke the onTriggered callback, and start playing the triggerSound and triggered sequence.
  5. Exploded: Mine has exploded and will be deleted on the server shortly. Invoke the onExplode callback on the server and generate the explosion effects on the client.
Proximity mines with the static field set to true will start in the Armed state. Use this for mines placed with the World Editor.

The shape used for the mine may optionally define the following sequences:

Sequence to play when the mine is deployed, but before it becomes active and triggerable (armingDelay should be set appropriately).
Sequence to play when the mine is triggered, just before it explodes (triggerDelay should be set appropriately).
datablock ProximityMineData( SimpleMine )
   // ShapeBaseData fields
   category = "Weapon";
   shapeFile = "art/shapes/weapons/misc/proximityMine.dts";

   // ItemData fields
   sticky = true;

   // ProximityMineData fields
   armingDelay = 0.5;
   armingSound = MineArmedSound;

   autoTriggerDelay = 0;
   triggerOnOwner = true;
   triggerRadius = 5.0;
   triggerSpeed = 1.0;
   triggerDelay = 0.5;
   triggerSound = MineTriggeredSound;
   explosion = RocketLauncherExplosion;

   // dynamic fields
   pickUpName = "Proximity Mines";
   maxInventory = 20;

   damageType = "MineDamage"; // type of damage applied to objects in radius
   radiusDamage = 30;           // amount of damage to apply to objects in radius
   damageRadius = 8;            // search radius to damage objects when exploding
   areaImpulse = 2000;          // magnitude of impulse to apply to objects in radius

function ProximityMineData::onTriggered( %this, %obj, %target )
   echo( SPC "triggered by " @ %target.getClassName() );

function ProximityMineData::onExplode( %this, %obj, %position )
   // Damage objects within the mine's damage radius
   if ( %this.damageRadius > 0 )
      radiusDamage( %obj.sourceObject, %position, %this.damageRadius, 
      %this.radiusDamage, %this.damageType, %this.areaImpulse );

function ProximityMineData::damage( %this, %obj, %position, %source, %amount, %damageType )
   // Explode if any damage is applied to the mine
   %obj.schedule(50 + getRandom(50), explode);

%obj = new ProximityMine()
   dataBlock = SimpleMine;
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Member Function Documentation

void ProximityMine::explode (  ) 

Manually cause the mine to explode.