Download Torque 3D

If you have not already downloaded the complete Torque 3D file from your user account, you can find them at the GarageGames website under your account section. (My Account / My Products)

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Then select the download link.


Download the Required SDK files

To complete this tutorial we are going to need to add a few more software packages to your system.

If you are new to game engine programming, step through the following documents which will walk you through the downloads.

Visual Studio 2008 Express

Visual Studio 2010 Express

If you have a good understanding of game engine development and are confident that you can install them on your own, then the download links are provided below:
  • DirectX SDK June 2010 - Absolutely required for all Torque 3D development, regardless of Visual Studio version or physics needs.

  • Visual Studio C++ Express - This page will allow downloading either the 2008 or 2010 version by selecting the proper tab.

  • PhysX SDK - If you are going to need PhysX for realistic physics properties in your projects, you will need to download and install the PhysX SDK.

Before you can download this SDK, you will need to obtain a user account. Please follow the instructions on the PhysX website. When you have been accepted, which may take a few days, go ahead and download the latest PhysX SDK, again follow the websites instructions.

Please also note that you will also need to install the latest PhysX System Software along with the PhysX SDK. The PhysX System Software can also be downloaded from your account on the PhysX site.

It is also recommended that you download and install your latest graphic card drivers. It's always a good idea to keep these up to date.