Torque 3D uses a cubemap to produce the appearance of a sky in a level.

The cubemap method will allow you to create realistic looking skies that provide a sense of depth to your mission.

Adding a Skybox

To add a new Skybox to a level: , change to the Library tab in the Scene Tree panel; cick on the Level tab; double-click the Environment folder; locate the Sky Box entry then double-click it.


The Object Name is what you want your Skybox to be called and will be displayed in the Scene Tree after it is created. The Material box allows you to select the starting material to use when creating the object.


Skybox Properties

Additional properties can be changed with the Inspector pane. To change the Skybox properties using the Inspector Pane, click the Scene tab, then click the name of your new Skybox object. The Inspector pane will update to display the current properties of your new Skybox. Hover over each section in the image below to see a description of the fields within it:


The Skybox is one of the first objects you should create and add to your level. Not only does it set the mood of your level, but it also gives you a frame of reference while editing. Trying to move around a three dimensional world without a sky or terrain can be disorienting.


If you wish to learn more about the Skybox, you can read through the Creating A Sky Tutorial which contains a walkthrough of creating a sun, sky, and clouds for your level.