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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ActionMapActionMaps assign platform input events to console commands
AdvancedLightBinManagerRendering Manager responsible for lighting, shadows, and global variables affecing both
AIClientSimulated client driven by AI commands
AIConnectionSpecial client connection driven by an AI, rather than a human
AIPlayerA Player object not controlled by conventional input, but by an AI engine
AITurretShapeProvides an AI controlled turret
AITurretShapeDataDefines properties for an AITurretShape object
ArrayObjectData structure for storing indexed sequences of key/value pairs
BanListUsed for kicking and banning players from a server. There is only a single instance of BanList. It is very important to note that you do not ever create this object in script like you would other game play objects. You simply reference it via namespace
BasicCloudsRenders up to three layers of scrolling cloud-cover textures overhead
CameraRepresents a position, direction and field of view to render a scene from
CameraDataA datablock that describes a camera
CloudLayerA layer of clouds which change shape over time and are affected by scene lighting
ConvexShapeA renderable, collidable convex shape defined by a collection of surface planes
CubemapDataUsed to create static or dynamic cubemaps
CustomMaterialMaterial object which provides more control over surface properties
DebrisBase debris class. Uses the DebrisData datablock for properties of individual debris objects
DebrisDataStores properties for an individual debris type
DebugDrawerA debug helper for rendering debug primitives to the scene
DecalDataA datablock describing an individual decal
DecalManagerThe object that manages all of the decals in the active mission
DecalRoadA strip shaped decal defined by spine nodes which clips against Terrain objects
EditorIconRegistryThis class is used to find the correct icon file path for different SimObject class types
EventManagerWrapper for the standard messaging system
ExplosionThe emitter for an explosion effect, with properties defined by a ExplosionData object
ExplosionDataDefines the attributes of an Explosion: particleEmitters, debris, lighting and camera shake effects
FileDialogBase class responsible for displaying an OS file browser
FileObjectThis class is responsible opening, reading, creating, and saving file contents
FileStreamObjectA wrapper around StreamObject for parsing text and data from files
FlyingVehicleA flying vehicle
FlyingVehicleDataDefines the properties of a FlyingVehicle
ForestForest is a global-bounds scene object provides collision and rendering for a (.forest) data file
ForestBrushElementRepresents a type of ForestItem and parameters for how it is placed when painting with a ForestBrush that contains it
ForestItemDataBase class for defining a type of ForestItem. It does not implement loading or rendering of the shapeFile
ForestWindEmitterObject responsible for simulating wind in a level
fxFoliageReplicatorAn emitter to replicate fxFoliageItem objects across an area
fxShapeReplicatedStaticThe object definition for shapes that will be replicated across an area using an fxShapeReplicator
fxShapeReplicatorAn emitter for objects to replicate across an area
GameBaseBase class for game objects which use datablocks, networking, are editable, and need to process ticks
GameBaseDataScriptable, demo-able datablock. Used by GameBase objects
GameConnectionThe game-specific subclass of NetConnection
GameTSCtrlThe main 3D viewport for a Torque 3D game
GFXCardProfilerProvides a device independent wrapper around both the capabilities reported by the card/drivers and the exceptions recorded in various scripts
GFXCardProfilerAPIThis class is the interface between TorqueScript and GFXCardProfiler
GFXInitFunctions for tracking GFX adapters and initializing them into devices
GFXSamplerStateDataA sampler state used by GFXStateBlockData
GFXStateBlockDataA state block description for rendering
GroundCoverCovers the ground in a field of objects (IE: Grass, Flowers, etc)
GroundPlaneAn infinite plane extending in all direction
GuiArrayCtrlInherits GuiConsole, GuiTextListCtrl, and GuiTreeViewCtrl
GuiAutoScrollCtrlA container that scrolls its child control up over time
GuiBitmapBorderCtrlA control that renders a skinned border specified in its profile
GuiBitmapButtonCtrlA button that renders its various states (mouse over, pushed, etc.) from separate bitmaps
GuiBitmapButtonTextCtrlAn extension of GuiBitmapButtonCtrl that additionally renders a text label on the bitmapped button
GuiBitmapCtrlA gui control that is used to display an image
GuiBorderButtonCtrlA push button that renders only a border
GuiBubbleTextCtrlA single-line text control that displays its text in a multi-line popup when clicked
GuiButtonBaseCtrlThe base class for the various button controls
GuiButtonCtrlThe most widely used button class
GuiCanvasA canvas on which rendering occurs
GuiCheckBoxCtrlA named checkbox that can be toggled on and off
GuiChunkedBitmapCtrlThis is a control that will render a specified bitmap or a bitmap specified in a referenced variable
GuiClockHudBasic HUD clock. Displays the current simulation time offset from some base
GuiConsoleThe on-screen, in-game console. Calls getLog() to get the on-screen console entries, then renders them as needed
GuiConsoleEditCtrlText entry element of a GuiConsole
GuiContainerContainer controls
GuiControlBase class for all Gui control objects
GuiControlArrayControlNumber of columns in array, column size and padding, row heigth and padding
GuiControlProfileA collection of properties that determine control behavior and rendering
GuiCrossHairHudBasic cross hair hud. Reacts to state of control object. Also displays health bar for named objects under the cross hair
GuiCursorActs as a skin for the cursor, where each GuiCursor object can have its own look and click-zone
GuiDirectoryFileListCtrlA control that displays a list of files from within a single directory in the game file system
GuiDragAndDropControlA container control that can be used to implement drag&drop behavior
GuiDynamicCtrlArrayControlA container that arranges children into a grid
GuiFadeinBitmapCtrlA GUI control which renders a black square over a bitmap image. The black square will fade out, then fade back in after a determined time. This control is especially useful for transitions and splash screens
GuiFrameSetCtrlA gui control allowing a window to be subdivided into panes, each of which displays a gui control child of the GuiFrameSetCtrl
GuiGameListMenuCtrlA base class for cross platform menu controls that are gamepad friendly
GuiGameListMenuProfileA GuiControlProfile with additional fields specific to GuiGameListMenuCtrl
GuiGameListOptionsCtrlA control for showing pages of options that are gamepad friendly
GuiGameListOptionsProfileA GuiControlProfile with additional fields specific to GuiGameListOptionsCtrl
GuiGraphCtrlA control that plots one or more curves in a chart
GuiHealthBarHudA basic health bar. Shows the damage value of the current PlayerObjectType control object
GuiIconButtonCtrlDraws the bitmap within a special button control. Only a single bitmap is used and the button will be drawn in a highlighted mode when the mouse hovers over it or when it has been clicked
GuiInputCtrlA control that locks the mouse and reports all keyboard input events to script
GuiListBoxCtrlA list of text items
GuiMenuBarGUI Control which displays a horizontal bar with individual drop-down menu items. Each menu item may also have submenu items
GuiMessageVectorCtrlA chat HUD control that displays messages from a MessageVector
GuiMLTextCtrlA text control that uses the Gui Markup Language ('ML') tags to dynamically change the text
GuiMLTextEditCtrlA text entry control that accepts the Gui Markup Language ('ML') tags and multiple lines
GuiMouseEventCtrlUsed to overlaps a 'hot region' where you want to catch inputs with and have specific events occur based on individual callbacks
GuiObjectViewGUI control which displays a 3D model
GuiPaneControlA collapsable pane control
GuiPanelThe GuiPanel panel is a container that when opaque will draw a left to right gradient using its profile fill and fill highlight colors
GuiPopUpMenuCtrlA control that allows to select a value from a drop-down list
GuiPopUpMenuCtrlExA control that allows to select a value from a drop-down list
GuiProgressBitmapCtrlA horizontal progress bar rendered from a repeating image
GuiProgressCtrlGUI Control which displays a horizontal bar which increases as the progress value of 0.0 - 1.0 increases
GuiRadioCtrlA button based around the radio concept
GuiRolloutCtrlA container that shows a single child with an optional header bar that can be used to collapse and expand the rollout
GuiScriptNotifyCtrlA control which adds several reactions to other GUIs via callbacks
GuiScrollCtrlA container that allows to view one or more possibly larger controls inside its area by providing horizontal and/or vertical scroll bars
GuiSeparatorCtrlA control that renders a horizontal or vertical separator with an optional text label (horizontal only)
GuiShapeNameHudDisplays name and damage of ShapeBase objects in its bounds. Must be a child of a GuiTSCtrl and a server connection must be present
GuiSliderCtrlA control that displays a value between its minimal and maximal bounds using a slider placed on a vertical or horizontal axis
GuiSpeedometerHudDisplays the speed of the current Vehicle based control object
GuiSplitContainerA container that splits its area between two child controls
GuiStackControlA container that stacks its children horizontally or vertically
GuiSwatchButtonCtrlA button that is used to represent color; often used in correlation with a color picker
GuiTabBookCtrlA container
GuiTabPageCtrlA single page in a GuiTabBookCtrl
GuiTextCtrlGUI control object this displays a single line of text, without TorqueML
GuiTextEditCtrlA component that places a text entry box on the screen
GuiTextEditSliderBitmapCtrlGUI Control which displays a numerical value which can be increased or decreased using a pair of bitmap up/down buttons
GuiTextEditSliderCtrlGUI Control which displays a numerical value which can be increased or decreased using a pair of arrows
GuiTextListCtrlGUI control that displays a list of text. Text items in the list can be individually selected
GuiTheoraCtrlA control to playing Theora videos
GuiTickCtrlThis will set this object to either be processing ticks or not
GuiToggleButtonCtrlDeprecated gui control
GuiTreeViewCtrlHierarchical list of text items with optional icons
GuiTSCtrlAbstract base class for controls that render 3D scenes
GuiWindowCtrlA window with a title bar and an optional set of buttons
HoverVehicleA hovering vehicle
HoverVehicleDataDefines the properties of a HoverVehicle
HTTPObjectAllows communications between the game and a server using HTTP
InteriorInstanceObject used to represent buildings and other architectural structures (legacy)
ItemBase Item class. Uses the ItemData datablock for common properties
ItemDataStores properties for an individual Item type
LangTableProvides the code necessary to handle the low level management of the string tables for localization
LevelInfoStores and controls the rendering and status information for a game level
LightAnimDataA datablock which defines and performs light animation, such as rotation, brightness fade, and colorization
LightBaseThis is the base class for light objects
LightDescriptionA helper datablock used by classes (such as shapebase) that submit lights to the scene but do not use actual "LightBase" objects
LightFlareDataDefines a light flare effect usable by scene lights
LightningAn emitter for lightning bolts
LightningDataCommon data for a Lightning emitter object
LightningStrikeEventNetwork event that triggers a lightning strike on the client when it is received
MarkerA single joint, or knot, along a path. Should be stored inside a Path container object. A path markers can be one of three primary movement types: "normal", "Position Only", or "Kink"
MaterialA material in Torque 3D is a data structure that describes a surface
MeshRoadA strip of rectangular mesh segments defined by a 3D spline for prototyping road-shaped objects in your scene
MessageBase class for messages
MessageForwarderForward messages from one queue to another
MessageVectorStore a list of chat messages
MissionAreaLevel object which defines the boundaries of the level
MissionMarkerThis is a base class for all "marker" related objets. It is a 3D representation of a point in the level
MissionMarkerDataA very basic class containing information used by MissionMarker objects for rendering
NetConnectionProvides the basis for implementing a multiplayer game protocol
NetObjectSuperclass for all ghostable networked objects
OcclusionVolumeAn invisible shape that causes objects hidden from view behind it to not be rendered
OpenFileDialogDerived from FileDialog, this class is responsible for opening a file browser with the intention of opening a file
OpenFolderDialogOS level dialog used for browsing folder structures
ParticleDataContains information for how specific particles should look and react including particle colors, particle imagemap, acceleration value for individual particles and spin information
ParticleEmitterThis object is responsible for spawning particles
ParticleEmitterDataDefines particle emission properties such as ejection angle, period and velocity for a ParticleEmitter
ParticleEmitterNodeA particle emitter object that can be positioned in the world and dynamically enabled or disabled
ParticleEmitterNodeDataContains additional data to be associated with a ParticleEmitterNode
PathA spline along which various objects can move along. The spline object acts like a container for Marker objects, which make up the joints, or knots, along the path. Paths can be assigned a speed, can be looping or non-looping. Each of a path's markers can be one of three primary movement types: "normal", "Position Only", or "Kink"
PathCameraA camera that moves along a path. The camera can then be made to travel along this path forwards or backwards
PathCameraDataGeneral interface to control a PathCamera object from the script level
PfxVisSingleton class that exposes ConsoleStaticFunctions for debug visualizing PostEffects
PhysicalZonePhysical Zones are areas that modify the player's gravity and/or velocity and/or applied force
PhysicsDebrisRepresents one or more rigid bodies defined in a single mesh file with a limited lifetime
PhysicsDebrisDataDefines the properties of a PhysicsDebris object
PhysicsForceHelper object for gameplay physical forces
PhysicsShapeRepresents a destructible physical object simulated through the plugin system
PhysicsShapeDataDefines the properties of a PhysicsShape
PlayerA client-controlled player character
PlayerDataDefines properties for a Player object
PointLightLighting object that radiates light in all directions
PortalAn object that provides a "window" into a zone, allowing a viewer to see what's rendered in the zone
PostEffectA fullscreen shader effect
PrecipitationDefines a precipitation based storm (rain, snow, etc)
PrecipitationDataDefines the droplets used in a storm (raindrops, snowflakes, etc)
PrefabA collection of arbitrary objects which can be allocated and manipulated as a group
ProjectileBase projectile class. Uses the ProjectileData class for properties of individual projectiles
ProjectileDataStores properties for an individual projectile type
ProximityMineA simple proximity mine
ProximityMineDataStores common properties for a ProximityMine
PxClothRectangular patch of cloth simulated by PhysX
PxMaterialDefines a PhysX material assignable to a PxMaterial
PxMultiActorRepresents a destructible physical object simulated using PhysX
PxMultiActorDataDefines the properties of a type of PxMultiActor
RadialImpulseEventCreates a physics-based impulse effect from a defined central point and magnitude
ReflectorDescA datablock which defines performance and quality properties for dynamic reflections
RenderBinManagerThe abstract base for all render bins
RenderFormatTokenUsed to change the render target format when rendering in AL
RenderGlowMgrA render bin for the glow pass
RenderImposterMgrA render bin for batch rendering imposters
RenderMeshExampleAn example scene object which renders a mesh
RenderMeshMgrA render bin for mesh rendering
RenderObjectExampleAn example scene object which renders using a callback
RenderObjectMgrA render bin which uses object callbacks for rendering
RenderOcclusionMgrA render bin which renders occlusion query requests
RenderParticleMgrA render bin which renders particle geometry
RenderPassManagerA grouping of render bin managers which forms a render pass
RenderPassStateBinA non-rendering render bin used to enable/disable a RenderPassStateToken
RenderPassStateTokenAbstract base class for RenderFormatToken, used to manipulate what goes on in the render manager
RenderPrePassMgrThe render bin which performs a z+normals prepass used in Advanced Lighting
RenderShapeExampleAn example scene object which renders a DTS
RenderTerrainMgrA render bin for terrain mesh rendering
RenderTexTargetBinManagerAn abstract base class for render bin managers that render to a named textue target
RenderTranslucentMgrA render bin for rendering translucent meshes
RigidShapeImplements rigid-body physics for DTS objects in the world
RigidShapeDataDefines the physics properties for an individual RigidShapeData physics object
RiverA water volume defined by a 3D spline
SaveFileDialogDerived from FileDialog, this class is responsible for opening a file browser with the intention of saving a file
ScatterSkyRepresents both the sun and sky for scenes with a dynamic time of day
SceneObjectA networkable object that exists in the 3D world
ScriptGroupEssentially a SimGroup, but with onAdd and onRemove script callbacks
ScriptMsgListenerScript accessible version of Dispatcher::IMessageListener. Often used in conjunction with EventManager
ScriptObjectA script-level OOP object which allows binding of a class, superClass and arguments along with declaration of methods
SFXAmbienceA datablock that describes an ambient sound space
SFXControllerA sound source that drives multi-source playback
SFXDescriptionA description for how a sound should be played
SFXEmitterAn invisible 3D object that emits sound
SFXEnvironmentDescription of a reverb environment
SFXFMODEventA playable sound event in an FMOD Designer audio project
SFXFMODEventGroupA group of events in an imported FMOD Designer project
SFXFMODEventSourceA sound source controller playing an FMOD Designer event (SFXFMODEvent)
SFXFMODProjectAn FMOD Designer project loaded into Torque
SFXParameterA sound channel value that can be bound to multiple sound sources
SFXPlayListA datablock describing a playback pattern of sounds
SFXProfileEncapsulates a single sound file for playback by the sound system
SFXSoundA sound controller that directly plays a single sound file
SFXSourcePlayback controller for a sound source
SFXSpaceA volume in space that defines an ambient sound zone
SFXStateA boolean switch used to modify playlist behavior
SFXTrackAbstract base class for sound data that can be played back by the sound system
ShaderDataSpecial type of data block that stores information about a handwritten shader
ShapeBaseA scriptable, renderable shape
ShapeBaseDataDefines properties for a ShapeBase object
ShapeBaseImageDataRepresents geometry to be mounted to a ShapeBase object
SimDataBlockDatablocks are used to provide relatively static information about entities; for instance, what model a weapon should use to display itself, or how heavy a player class is
SimGroupA collection of SimObjects that are owned by the group
SimObjectBase class for almost all objects involved in the simulation
SimpleMessageEventA very simple example of a network event
SimpleNetObjectA very simple example of a class derived from NetObject
SimSetA collection of SimObjects
SimXMLDocumentFile I/O object used for creating, reading, and writing XML documents
SkyBoxRepresents the sky with an artist-created cubemap
SpawnSphereThis class is used for creating any type of game object, assigning it a class, datablock, and other properties when it is spawned
SplashManages the ring used for a Splash effect
SplashDataActs as the physical point in space in white a Splash is created from
SpotLightLighting object which emits conical light in a direction
StaticShapeThe most basic 3D shape with a datablock available in Torque 3D
StaticShapeDataThe most basic ShapeBaseData derrived shape datablock available in Torque 3D
StreamObjectBase class for working with streams
SunA global light affecting your entire scene and optionally renders a corona effect
TCPObjectAllows communications between the game and a server using TCP/IP protocols
TerrainBlockRepresent a terrain object in a Torque 3D level
TerrainMaterialOrginizes the material settings for a single terrain material layer
TimeOfDayEnvironmental object that triggers a day/night cycle in level
TriggerA Trigger is a volume of space that initiates script callbacks when objects pass through the Trigger
TriggerDataDefines shared properties for Trigger objects
TSForestItemDataConcrete implementation of ForestItemData which loads and renders dts format shapeFiles
TSShapeConstructorAn object used to modify a DTS or COLLADA shape model after it has been loaded by Torque
TSStaticA static object derived from a 3D model file and placed within the game world
TurretShapeBase turret class
TurretShapeDataDefines properties for a TurretShape object
VehicleBase functionality shared by all Vehicles (FlyingVehicle, HoverVehicle, WheeledVehicle)
VehicleDataBase properties shared by all Vehicles (FlyingVehicle, HoverVehicle, WheeledVehicle)
WaterBlockA block shaped water volume defined by a 3D scale and orientation
WaterObjectAbstract base class for representing a body of water
WaterPlaneRepresents a large body of water stretching to the horizon in all directions
WayPointSpecial type of marker, distinguished by a name and team ID number
WheeledVehicleA wheeled vehicle
WheeledVehicleDataDefines the properties of a WheeledVehicle
WheeledVehicleSpringDefines the properties of a WheeledVehicle spring
WheeledVehicleTireDefines the properties of a WheeledVehicle tire
ZipObjectProvides access to a zip file
ZoneAn object that represents an interior space

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